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The Kitchen Table Review

This will be my first post on doing a food review of this amazing place situated in a quiet corner of Singapore. The location is at W Singapore Sentosa Cove. I happen to come across this place when i am looking for quiet place to have dinner, So i decided to give it a try on my birthday. If you are interested in visiting this place, please remember to make reservation beforehand. They have limited tables available and also to prevent the disappointment of not able to get in when you are there. Below are some pictures of the entrance and the buffet line.

The whole place look very classy and unlike most hotel buffet place which are usually pack with people at the food area, this particular restaurant did very well in crowd control. I guess by having limited tables helps after all. Another thing i would like to highlight is they allocate their tables really well as there are sufficient space between each table and it is quite comfortable to get around. I have been to those profit minded buffet restaurant that will try all ways and means to squeeze as much table into a small space available. It really makes moving around difficult not to say when you are carrying a lot of food. Now we will take a look at what they have to offer at the buffet line.

One particular thing i would like to highlight in this restaurant is their spaghetti is freshly made when order and you can choose from either Tomato flavor or Carbonara sauce. If you would like something different you can also request for Aglio Olio. Other than this their pizza is also freshly baked from the oven and after each batch of pizza is done they will go round distributing it to the diners to ensure every one are able to try it. This goes the same for their satay as well. After a fulfilling meal one would of course end it off with desserts.

I would like to highlight this particular dessert name Green Tea Tiramisu, it is something unique and different as this is the first time i had this and it taste surprisingly well. I had always been a fan of Tiramisu and but this i had never thought green tea will taste that good when put together with Tiramisu. It is a must try if any of you were to visit this place. Another dessert worth the try is their chocolate moose. It is not too sweet and too bitter and very suitable for those that like dark chocolate as well as white chocolate. It is a perfect balance between bitter and sweet.

To sum things up i would recommend this restaurant to couple or a small group of friends who are looking for a place which is quiet and can spend quality time together. Of course when spending quality time together not to forget having quality food as well. With dinner from 65++ per person it is very value for money. To make things better they are currently having a 1 for 1 dinner promotion every Sunday - Thursday till 30/11/13 So those that are getting hungry after looking at the pictures better start picking up the phone and make a reservation. After so much i have yet to tell you the name of the restaurant. As some of you had already saw the last picture below the name of the restaurant is The Kitchen Table. 

W Singapore - Sentosa Cove
The Kitchen Table
Phone: + (65) 6808 7268

Breakfast 06.00 to 11.00

                        All Day                       

Weekdays 11.00 to 23.00

Weekends 11.00 to 24.00

The special guest (hahah)